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 Our programs have proven to be a better alternative for all business professionals. We offer to finance a variety of skilled professionals in all Industries.

100% Business Financing ● Business Funding for Minorities ● Business Funding for Veterans ● Business Funding for Women ● Funding For Existing Business ● Gas and Oil Financing ● Invoice & Purchase Orders Factoring ● Personal Loans ● Startup Business Funding ● Trade Platform Funding and more

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Cash flow is always important to small and medium sized businesses. Our programs provide business owners direct access to cash that they can use now!


Dependable Business Capital provides small business loans on bad credit to business owners in all 50 states. Dependable Business Capital connects small business owners with the financing and support it takes to create or grow their businesses. If you need a small business loan for your business, and credit has been a problem, we stand behind every small business owner as they achieve success, so that businesses—and entire communities—see real and lasting impact.

At Dependable Business Capital, business owners find a one-on-one lending approach that considers character and other business strengths in addition to credit history. Business owners looking to start or grow receive accessible loans that are both fairly priced and flexible.

As a business consultant, we work towards an economically complete world where every small business owner can utilize the tools they need to complete higher success. We are advocates for business owners, thought leaders for business growth, and a force for change in local communities.


We're more than just lenders. We're your friend.

With seventeen years of expertise serving small business owners, Dependable Business Capital could be a disposition partner you'll trust. Dependable Business Capital has access to resources that will help you get the capital you need, and grow your small business with your credit challenges.


We’re in your corner.

If you can’t get a loan through a bank because of credit problems, Dependable Business Capital is a good fit for you. We work with small business owners with credit issues all the time in all industries and sizes, however all of them got one factor in common: The Motivation to Grow.


Who We Lend To

Our clients range from all walks of life with all types of projects and business models. If getting a small business loan the traditional way hasn’t worked for you, whatever your situation, we can tell you what your options are with no cost or obligation to you.

What makes our offer unique is that it almost never requires financial statements, tax returns or business plans. If you have a small business, or plan to open one, you’ve come to the right place. Examples of previous companies include:

Real Estate flippers, Salons, Inventors, Churches, Landscapers, Gas Stations, Franchises.  The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t even have to have a business at all.


Our Purpose

Dependable Business Capital purpose is to understand all the different options while helping our clients choose a type of small business loan in a rapidly changing world and to help our clients actually get funded. Individuals and small business owners without a successful track record and profitable tax returns will find they have few options for business loans etc.

Our program has proven to be a better and cheaper alternative for real estate flippers compared to hard money options.

Our company can and will assist all small business owners in getting their business started or expanding when conventional bank financing does not work.

We have been assisting people raising capital since the year 2000. We have access to several ways to raise capital for businesses and individuals, and our funds can be used for any purpose.

Our Focus 0

Our Focus

We Are Helping Our Clients Reach Mountains!

We understand that all of our clients have a vision. Our focus is to have a way to get you there. That is what we do.


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